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Monday, January 9, 2012

USD - CHF continue to move higher.

USD continue to move higher against CHF touching levels we haven't seen since mid February of last year; the pair appears to be in a nice uptrend since Suisse National Bank intervened twice in August and September.   Today's unemployment data from Switzerland could surprise; let's see if the employment situation in the small European country is closer to Germany, which is at the highest level since re unification or if it follow the Italian path.
Certainly a strong Swiss Franc is not helping national producers to sell their goods to the rest of Europe but we have to consider the efforts done by some Swiss areas to attract foreign investors suchlike tax cuts to new businesses.

Friday, January 6, 2012

AUD-JPY bounces off of a rising trend line.

AUD-JPY is nicely bouncing off of a rising trend line that starts in late November.Will the 79.00 figure hold or shall we expect a fall? It all comes back to risk appetite.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

USD-JPY - Moving away from the 200 moving average.

After three interventions from BOJ the pair is still moving lower, with few test of the past low of  76.30 recorded on march the 17th 2011 the pair touched a new low around 75.55 in early November.
Is it going to test it again or shall we expect another intervention before it moves to new lows? Exporters in Japan are struggling to still be profitable with goods they sell abroad.

Gold - Testing strong support area.

Is Gold ready for a recovery or it will keep moving lower? The ellipse may be a strong support area but it all depends on how strong the USD will be.

EUR-AUD drops to record lows.

This is the impressive move recently seen in the EUR/AUD pair. I draw Fibonacci retracements to have an idea of where could the pair bounce before moving even lower.